Easy & Celebration 2 on 1 CD


Sally Oldfield’s second and third studio albums are featured here as a special 2 on 1 release. Sister of Mike Oldfield, Sally found her own fame and musical hits from the late 70’s andf 80’s. Having been unavailable for sometime these two classic albums are being made available once more through Talking Elephant who also released her Sallyangie album and her 1990’s release of Natasha.

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1. The Sun In My Eyes
2. You Set My Gyspy Blood Free
3. Answering You
4. The Boulevard Song
5. Easy
6. Sons Of The Free
7. Hide And Seek
8. First Born Of The Earth
9. Man Of Storm
10. Mandala
11. Morning Of My Life
12. Woman Of The Night
13. Celebration
14. Blue Water
15. My Damsel Heart
16. Love Is Everywhere