Edge Of Twilight (2CD)


Gentle Giant was considered to be one of the most experimental bands in the genre (as well as one of the most experimental rock bands of the 1970s). Their music was considered complex even by progressive rock standards, drawing on a broad swathe of music including folk, soul, jazz, and classical music.

A collection of music drawing from the band’s first 6 albums including their ‘The Power And The Glory album’.

From this collection you get a good idea of what the Giant was all about. A very good starting point for beginners.

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1. The Advent of Panurge
2. Funny Ways
3. Peel the Paint
4. Acquiring the Taste
5. Cogs in Cogs
6. The House, the Street, the Room
7. The Boys in the Band
8. Schooldays
9. Raconteur Troubadour
10. Wreck
11. Nothing at All
12. Why Not?
13. Playing the Game
14. Mister Class and Quality?
15. Three Friends

1. Proclamation
2. A Cry for Everyone
3. Isn’t It Quiet and Cold?
4. Plain Truth
5. Knots
6. Alucard
7. Aspirations
8. Pantagruel’s Nativity
9. River
10. The Face
11. The Moon Is Down
12. Edge of Twilight
13. No God’s a Man
14. So Sincere
15. Think of Me with Kindness
16. Valedictory

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