Swinging The Lead


Anyone for a Shantie Bouy?

Purveyors of Shanties and Songs of the Sea “Stop swinging the lead and get on with it” cried the mate. The best we could do was to break into song, and so Swinging the Lead was launched. Swinging the Lead have performed at many festivals and folk clubs throughout 2013 and repeated performances on board the sailing barge Edith May and The Cutty Sark in Greenwich, London.

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1. Santiana
2. Bonnie Ship The Diamond
3. South Australia (the long way around)
4. Blow Boys Blow
5. Fair Trade Wind
6. Is The Big Fella Gone?
7. Down By The Dockyard Wall
8. London Julies
9. Ellen Vannin.
10. Rolling Up, Rolling Down
11. Jamaica Farewell.
12. Sam’s gone away
13. Hills of Isle Au Haut.
14. Stormy Weather Boys
15. Grey Funnel Line
16. One More Day
17. Shallow Brown
18. Johnson Girls
19. Larry Marr
20. Leaving of Liverpool
21. Swinging The Lead
22. The Balaena

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