Vintage Albion Band: On The Road


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1. Uncle Bernard’s/Albion sunrise/Jenny Lind
2. Bouree
3. The Gresford disaster
4. La sexte estample real
5. Hopping down in Kent
6. Buttered peas
7. Lemady/Arise and pick a posy/Down the road
8. Don’t be an outlaw
9. Jacob’s well
10. Snow falls
11. Galliard/Bransle
12. Dare to be a Daniel
13. Snowdrop polka/High tea tango/Seaside shuffle
14. The greatest show on earth
15. Tomorrow and tomorrow and tomorrow
16. London dance song medley/Pell mell in Pall Mall/The Kensington square square dance/(Do) The Aldwych

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